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                     Prayers        for use with Universal prayer Beads

These are  some of the prayers written for use with the Universal Prayer Beads that I designed.

There are 3 sections consisting of three larger beads, with two sections of twelve smaller beads in between. A focal charm links them together.


Many religions use prayer beads for focusing and spiritual meditation.

I have created these strands to be used with whatever religion of spiritual practice you desire.


Christian~ Revelation Prayer/Glory to God

(adapted from Revelation 7:12)


On each of the three bead rotation say each phrase on one bead.


“Glory be to God as it was in the beginning”

 “Is now”

“And will be forever”


On each of the 12 beads say one word of this phrase

“Blessing, Glory, Wisdom, Thanksgiving, Honor, Power and Might be to our God Forever.”

Repeat the words on the next three and twelve rotation. End on the focal charm with “Amen”.


  Christian~Serenity Prayer


On each of the three beads in rotation, say one of these phrases


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”

“The strength to change the things I can”

“And the wisdom to know the difference”


On each bead of the 12 rotation repeat this phrase (adapted from Psalm 46:1)

“God is my Refuge and Strength”


 Christian~ Lord’s Prayer


On each of the three beads say each phrase in turn


“In the name of the Father”

“In the name of the Son”

“In the name of the Holy Spirit”


On each of the 12 beads say one phrase for each bead

(Lord’s Prayer)

“Our Father who art in heaven”

“Hallowed be thy name”

“Thy kingdom come”

“Thy will be done”

“On earth as it is in heaven”

“Give us this day our daily bread”

“And forgive us our trespasses”

“As we forgive those who trespass against us”

“Lead us not into temptation”

“But deliver us from evil”

“For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory”

“Forever and ever”


Repeat the trinity on the 3 count, and repeat the Lords prayer again on the second 12 count. End with the final trinity, and with the focal charm say “Amen”




Pagan~ Prayer to the Triple Goddess


On each bead in the three bead rotation, say one phrase per bead


“May the Maiden Inspire Me”

“May the Mother Protect Me”

“May the Crone Grant Me Strength”


 On the 12 bead rotation say each phrase on one bead

“Goddess bless my Path”

“Goddess bless my Family”

“Goddess bless my Choices”


“Goddess bless the Food I Eat”

“Goddess bless the People I Meet”

“Goddess bless the Words I Say”


“Goddess bless my Creations”

“Goddess bless my “Intuition”

“Goddess bless my Faults and Mistakes”


“Goddess bless the Earth”

“Goddess bless the Heavens”

“Goddess bless Me”


On the second three bead rotation say on each bead

“Maiden grant me Gentleness and Purity”

“Mother grant me Compassion in all things”

“Crone grant me Wisdom and Wholeness”


Repeat the “Goddess Bless” on the next 12.

Repeat the first prayers of the 3 bead rotation.


End on the focal charm with  “So Mote It Be!”



Unity~ 12 Powers Prayer

(adapted from the 12 Powers Of Man by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity church)

Each power is related to one of the 12 disciples of Jesus


On each of the three bead rotation say one phrase per bead. Repeat on each 3 bead rotation


“God-Power flows through every cell in my body”

“I relate each gift to my Good as it unfolds”

“I awaken the Christ within Me”


On each of the 12 beads say one affirmation related to each of the 12 Powers. Say the second affirmation on the second rotation of 12.


Faith~ Peter

“I have the ability to believe, intuit and perceive.”

“Faith blesses my day and paves my way”



“I have the ability to endure, stay the course and persevere”

“I have the Strength to accomplish all that is mine to do”


Wisdom~ James son of Zebedee

“I have the ability to evaluate, discern and apply all I know”

“I am guided by Divine Wisdom in every thought word and action.”



“I have the ability to attract, unify and desire”

“I am a radiating center of Love”



“I have the ability to master and control”

“I have the Power to create my world”



“I have ability to imagine, conceptualize, envision and dream”

“I envision good enfolding in every area of my life”



“I have the ability to know and comprehend”

“My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life”



“I have the ability to choose, decide and determine”

I choose my good based on spiritual understanding”


Order~James son of Alphaeus

  “I have the ability to organize, balance and adjust”

“My life is balanced and in order, and all is well”



“I have the ability to be enthusiastic, passionate and to motivate”

“I enthusiastically accept my good, and go forward to achieve my purpose”



“I have the ability to release, remove, denounce and let go”

“I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good”



“I have the ability to energize, vitalize, enliven and invigorate”

“I am filled with sweet Life”



Finish the meditation with the focal charm and say the prayer for protection

“The light of God surrounds me

The love of God enfolds me

The Power of God protects me

The presence of God watches over me

Wherever I am, God is!

And all is well”



Islam~ The Tasbih of Fatima

Prayer of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammed


Repeat each phrase one time for each bead in full rotation (33 times)

Repeat the second phrase on a second rotation, and the third on the final rotation


First~ “Sunhan Allah” (Glory be to God)

Second~ “Al-hamdu lilah” (Praise be to God)

Third~ “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest)


Buddhist~ Mala Mantra


Buddhist Malas usually have 108 beads. They are used by repeating the mantra

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

on each bead while rolling it through your fingers. Go through three rotations of all the beads, and on the fourth rotation count only the 9 large beads.


Affirmation for Peace of Mind/To Release Anxiety


On each of the three bead rotation say one phrase

“I am Calm”

“I am in Balance”

“ I am at Peace”


Repeat a calming phrase(such as “All is well in my world”) on each bead in the 12 bead rotation. Or simply repeat a word like “Peace”


 Non-Denominational ~Healing Prayer


On each of the first three beads, say these words


“I am relaxed with each breath I take”

“I now create a healing energy”

“In this state my body repairs and heals itself”


On each of the twelve beads repeat these phrases, alternating between them,

“I am Whole”

“I am Healing Completely”


On the next three beads say


“I am at peace with each breath I take”

“I let go of my past”

“I release all limitation”


Repeat “I am whole” I am Healing Completely” on the next 12.


On the final three say


“I am healing with every breath I take”

“I give thanks for my life and the lessons”

“I trust in the process of healing my self”


On the final charm say “Amen”


Pagan/Wiccan~ Invocation for a New Day


On each bead of the first three say each phrase once per bead


“Silver Lady of the Moon”

“Golden God of the Sun”

“Protect me and those I love”


On each of the first twelve beads say each phrase in turn


“O winds of the East”

“Blowing soft guidance”

“Grant me the words to speak truth”


“O flames of the South”

“Burning with passion”

“Grant me the energy to take action”


“O waters of the West”

“Flowing with emotion”

“Grant me the release of all negativity”


“O lands of the North”

“Enduring through all time”

“Grant me the abundance of your blessings”



On the second count of 3 beads say

“Mother of the nurturing soil”

“Father of the beasts and forests”

“Guide me and those I love”


On the second count of twelve beads say


“O winds of the East”

“Blowing soft wisdom”

“Let my thoughts be kind today”


“O flames of the South”

“Burning with change”

“Let my enthusiasm inspire others today”


“O waters of the West”

“Flowing with pleasure”

“Let me be receptive to joy today”


“O lands of the North”

“Enduring with stability”

“Let me be ever patient today”


On the last three beads say


“Serene Lady, Goddess of the Light”

“Divine Lord, Horned God of the Hunt”

“Bless me and those I love”


On the final charm say “Blessed Be”or “So Mote It Be”





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